Fast Cycling Cryptocurrency Matrix

In computing, a linear-feedback shift register (LFSR) is a shift register whose input bit is a linear.

The mathematics of a cyclic redundancy check, used to provide a quick check against transmission errors,

Using the companion matrix of the characteristic polynomial of the LFSR and denoting the seed as a.

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29 Jan 2019.

The ransomware we're calling Matrix is another example of what.

computer, and only then provide the victims with a Bitcoin address and the ransom amount.

function using multiple threads (in order to make it faster).

With each development cycle of new versions, the malware transmits increasing.

16 Jul 2018.

Keywords and phrases minimum weight cycles, cryptocurrencies,

graph, with a modified version of the algorithm that uses fast matrix.

Fast Matrix -  How it Works{bogdanov,mertens,cpaar,pelzl,arupp}

binary matrices with uniformly distributed entries equals 2n (clock cycles) as opposed to about 1. 4 n3.

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Abstract: Matrix cryptosystems, like Hill cipher, are resistant to frequency analysis.

criteria to generate a modular non-singular key-matrix for matrix ciphers fast.

on Hamiltonian cycle in directed weight graphs and modular matrix algebra.

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