Bitcoin Core Version 0.9.1 Released

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Bitcoin Core version history. Subscribe to the RSS feed. 2020-03-09. Bitcoin Core version 0.19.1 released. Read more. 2019-11-24. Bitcoin Core version.

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Show version history. Bitcoin Core Release Signing Keys v0.11.0+ 01EA5486DE18A882D4C2684590C8019E36C2E964 Refresh expired keys using:


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0.9.1. 09 Apr 2014 05:44. Release Notes: This is a security update. It is recommended to upgrade to this release as soon as possible. It is especially important to.

9 Apr 2014.

The Bitcoin Core team says version 0.9.1 is a maintenance release to fix an urgent vulnerability (ie Heartbleed), and all users should upgrade.

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Bitcoin Core24 Oct 2017.

As part of Bitcoin Core, bitcoind has been bundled with the original client from version 0.2.6 to 0.4.9, and with Bitcoin-Qt since 0.5.0. Contents. [hide]. 1 Running; 2 History of official bitcoind (and predecessor) releases; 3 Theory of Operation. 3.1 Initialization.

0.9.1, 2014-Apr-08, Windows / Linux / MacOS X.